Month: January 2024

Multimedia And Our Short Attention Spans

Multimedia And Our Short Attention Spans

Would you lug your desktop or laptop computer with you wherever you go? What about your home video game system, your stereo and your entire CD collection? Would you also take all your photo albums with you wherever you are?

Probably not, as it wouldn’t really make sense to do so. It would also be a major inconvenience and just plain troublesome. There are many people, though, who simply, either by necessity or by choice, feel the need to be connected to everything and everyone at all times. Or maybe, some of us have such a short attention span that we simply can not focus on something without the pull of music or video games to lure us away from whatever we are supposed to be focused on.

There are devices which, depending on your viewpoint, either prey upon our 24 hour need to be entertained, or merely feeds an appetite shared by many. The iPod Video can play music, videos, and show and display pictures. The Playstation Portable can play video games, as well as music, movies and more. Cellular phones do much more than and and receive calls – they are complete media centers in and of themselves. Today’s technology, in one sense, is far greater than the sum of its parts.

But, do we really need to have every form of entertainment with us everywhere we go, all the time? If items such as the iPod or the PSP were never developed, would society then, fret over the fact that we can’t watch our favorite movie on a 2” screen while riding the bus? Or would we just not even think about it, since the capability and accessibility to do so would have never been developed?

Maybe, because we are able to bring literally thousands of songs with us wherever we go, and always access the internet from our cell phones, that now we are addicted to convenience. We need to be able to surf, listen, burn, upload and download while waiting in line to see a movie. We have to spend our time between commercials text messaging friends from our cell phones, lest we have a free moment to do…nothing.

There is always a great hue and cry about whether or not children are over stimulated when it comes to extra curricular activities like soccer, swimming and piano. But what about when it comes to media exposure? Better yet still, what about teenagers and adults when it comes to the accessibility of entertainment? Is the new normal text messaging your friend for the time to meet up when before, you would pick up the phone and call or actually visit the friend?

When email first came out, it was hailed as the breakthrough that would free people from their desks. Now, people are frantic about checking email all the time. With the iPod, it was the ability to bring your music with you at all times. Now, music isn’t good enough, so you need video games, movies, pictures and more. If the ability for all this technology to do so much only results in asking for more and more, then is it really good for us in the first place?

online dvd rental

online dvd rental

Often you either won’t be able too afford all the dvds and games that you want, or you may want to try them out before you buy. In either case online dvd rental offers many benefits and allows you to enjoy the dvds and games you want to try by ordering them direct from home with just one mouse click.

In order to make sure you are getting the most for your money it is important to compare the services on offer and make sure you are getting not only value for money but the best service for your personal circumstances. There are many titles available with all the online dvd rental services and you will not run out of choice very quickly with any of them. There is literally a movie for every mood you may be in at the time.

A great benefit of such online dvd rental services is the trial period which means you can try before you make any commitment and if unsatisfied with the service can unsubscribe easily and quickly. Some offer the trial service for a discount and some online dvd rental services don’t charge a penny, making online dvd rental virtually risk free.

The dvd will arrive by post after you make your selection. Often online dvd rental services will be able to post your dvd overnight so that it arrives the next day. There is usually no time limit and to return the dvd you can either use the prepaid postal evenlope provided or go in store to exchange it.

Online dvd rental services are changing the way we receieve our entertainment. In the future they will become more common and will perhaps even overtake the more traditional video stores you will have used in the past. Why not try today and find out how easy and quick online dvd rental makes your entertainment experience.

New X Men Movie Rounds Out Series Well

New X Men Movie Rounds Out Series Well

The new X-Men movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, has caused quite the stir among comic book enthusiasts and the average moviegoer. While many rabid X-Men comic readers found some dislike in the film, someone who is just out looking for a good way to spend two hours can find some serious entertainment value in this trilogy-ending film.

X-Men: The Last Stand picks up exactly where the last film left off. Jean Gray, played by Famke Janssen, is dead following a confrontation in a remote military base. This leaves Cyclops, played by James Marsden, distraught and unsure if he can continue leading the team of mutants. To the delight of many fans, Wolverine is back, with Hugh Jackman delivering a performance well worthy of the series he helped form. Also returning are Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Ian McKellen as the anti-hero Magneto. New to the films are the heroes Angel and the Beast. These characters help to add a dynamic to the X-men, with Kelsey Grammar delivering a stellar performance as the Beast.

The main conflict throughout the film is the development of a new drug that ‘cures’ mutants, causing them to lose all of their unique abilities and allowing them to be completely human. While this is a breath of fresh air for some mutants, such as the young Rogue who wants to be able to touch others, other mutants that are led by Magneto feel that there is no need for a cure, and that they, in fact, are the cure for humanity. This ignites a war over the philosophy of whether or not the drug should be an option for mutants. It is a rather deep underlying theme for a film that you would expect less from. Action-packed, the film weighs in at under 2 hours, which may be one of its few short-comings. There’s barely any slow parts to the film, and you are instead barraged by scene-after-scene of high intensity. There’s a lot going on in this film; the filmmakers could’ve easily stretched it into a 3 hour epic. A standout performance is given by McKellan, since through his acting you can truly see the struggle that the villain faces, showing that Magneto’s ideals truly do have some consideration underneath them. While the movie isn’t perfect, its as close to perfect as you can hope for from a series that only seems to get better each and every film.

The Importance of Location for a Coffee Franchise

The Importance of Location for a Coffee Franchise

In the world of business, location is extremely important. Most of us have heard the saying “location, location, location”. There is a reason it is a saying and it is important for everything from the perfect photograph and romantic settings as it is in the world of real estate and business success. Spend time scouting out locations that you feel would be great places to open a coffee franchise business and ask yourself the following questions.

Is this is a high traffic location? Most people are rather lazy by nature. You want to find a location that people will drive by often. In other words, you do not want to select a location for your coffee franchise that is low traffic-at least not if big business is your goal. If you found a location that you think is perfect for a coffee shop sit back sometime and see how much traffic drives by the area you are considering. If the rate of traffic is busy you will get a good bit of advertisement value from putting up a sign and having people pull in on impulse.

Can customers easily get into and out of your location? As a customer there are few things that I find more frustrating than a business that is located in an area that proves difficult for entry and exits. Most coffee franchise customers are going to be in a hurry and on the go. You want to make the process as seamless as possible and this means you want a location that allows quick access off the road and back onto the road. People are more likely to make you a daily or weekly stop if your business is convenient for them to enter and exit. Many coffee franchises are electing to have two drive thru windows for added convenience, this is something else you may want to consider for your location if possible.

Is it near entertainment? You might find yourself awed and amazed at the number of people who stop in for a cup of coffee and perhaps a sweet treat after a night at the movie, theater, or even a game of bowling. Many people find that a great cup of coffee is a nice way to end the day (especially if you have a nice variety of decaf on hand). Even those that may not have considered it before will find they are often tempted to make the stop after a movie-especially those on dates that aren’t quite ready for them to end if they see the sign and the coffee franchise in question is located conveniently near the theater or other entertainment venue.

With these things in mind, make sure you choose your location carefully for the best possible effect. Location won’t guarantee success but a great location is a good deal of insulation against failure. When planning your coffee franchise keep all the locations in mind, ask the questions mentioned above, and go with the location that really is the best location to attract business rather than the location that has a certain look. Aesthetics can always be changed later on; the location is pretty firm once selected.