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Comedian Ron White

Comedian Ron White

Comedian Ron White is a cigar smoker and a scotch-drinking man. Don’t fret. There’s more to know in Ron White than being a “Tater Salad”. As a boy, comedian Ron White had always been a storyteller. He grew up in a small town in mid-Texas and made a living out of selling windows in Arlington. But his stand-up acts made him a star in his own right making huge successes in comedy tours like the “Blue Collar Comedy”, which was a phenomenon.

Not only that, comedian Ron White also is a writer (that’s right!). His book was launched in June 2006, and he has a one-hour special on Comedy Central. What more could you ask from this man? It’s simply a hilarious combination of a writer, songwriter, and comic. Starting in January 2000 to March 2003, White teamed up with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry “the Cable Guy” to perform in the highly-rated the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”. It was a sold out show that entertained audiences in more than 90 cities and earned over $15 million.

Catching up to the fever, Warner Brothers filmed the tour and later released the movie version as a major motion picture in March 2003. The “Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie” later premiered on Comedy Central, which became the highest rated movie in Comedy Central’s history.

In November 2003, comedian Ron White released his first solo comedy album titled “Drunk in Public”. From February 2004, this album managed to stay in the Top 10 of the Billboard Comedy charts and sold more than 450,000 copies. His “Drunk in Public” tour was among the top 50 in Pollstar Magazine and ranked 63rd in 2005. Happening also in 2005 was the release of his first one-hour comedy special “They Call Me Tater Salad” earned the highest rated Sunday show in the history of Comedy Central. Its DVD version was a certified multi-platinum selling up to 1.3 million copies.

Comedian Ron White’s most current one-hour special, and his second to date, “You Can’t Fix Stupid” was actually shot at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas, in January 2006. The special was watched by over 4.5 million viewers making it the third largest audience in the history of Comedy Central. A follow-up CD bearing the same title was released on February 7, 2006 under Image Entertainment and made the 14th slot on its first week on Billboard’s Top 200. It also ranked number one for the last nine weeks on the Billboard Comedy Charts.

Video Games And Deals

Video Games And Deals

There are many ways that people have fun. They may go out to movies, comedy clubs, amusement parks, etc. Many people just want to stay home sometimes, or either they don’t have a babysitter, and have not choice, but either way, they still want to have some fun. One way to accomplish this is to possibly have some friends over for pizza and board games, cards, or something similar. The person looking to have a good time at home could also rent movies to watch with their family and friends, or buy a pay-per-view movie off cable.

Some people rely on video games to keep themselves occupied, though. It allows the person to stay warm on a cold night, and have fun simultaneously. They can play video games with their kids, spouse, friends, or even by themselves. It doesn’t matter, as long as they have their favorite games and a comfortable seat, they are all set.

There are many types of games available, which makes it difficult for some people to choose. There are several versions of XBOX, Play Station, Nintendo, among others. So how is a video game buff to choose? He is usually able to choose depending on which system is in his price range, as well which system offers all of his or her favorite games. If a person is a big Nascar fan and Nascar games are only available for XBOX or Play Station, then a person probably wouldn’t want to purchase a Nintendo.

Some people aren’t picky about the type of game system that they have. All they want to do is play various games and they’re satisfied. This type of person is not hard to please, and would probably not require any of the most expensive systems, and would be just as happy with a Game Cube or Play Station 2. these no-so-picky people need to realize that they are settling for a cheaper system and it won’t provide them with all the cool, up-to-date graphics that the latest systems do.

It doesn’t matter what types of games or system a person likes. As long as he or she is able to enjoy playing them, it will provide hours of entertainment for a person to do with their family and friends, and sometimes alone. There will be no need for them to go outside their home, looking for entertainment. The entertainment is right in the comfort of their home.

Block Buster Dvd Rental-Has Good Competition

Block Buster Dvd Rental-Has Good Competition

With so many ways today to get your entertainment, it can sometimes be confusing to know which company will provide you with just what you want and need. In this article, I will go over the block buster dvd rental program so you can compare it to others that are available.

With the block buster dvd rental you can either rent a dvd right in the store, if you have one near you, or you can get one sent to you in the mail.

There are pros and cons with each method I will go over some of the basics:

1. One of the best reasons to get a subscription, and get your movies by mail, is that you don’t have any late fees. you can keep your movies, or games, as long as you want.

If you rent in a store you will pay a late fee. One thing that I found out from the Blockbuster web site is a little sneaky and I wanted you to be aware of it.

It says on the website that “our stores no longer have late fees” but then it goes on to say that if you don’t return your movie or game by the date on the receipt you will be charged an additional daily rate of $1.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like a late fee to me.

Also, if you don’t return the dvds or games in a certain amount of time after your due date, they will charge you the price of the dvds and games.

If you eventually do return it, they will refund the price of the dvds or games but they will deduct the $1 a day from the refund price.

2. You can go to the website whenever you want and add movies to your queue. That means that they will be sent out to you in the order they are in your queue.

As soon as you send back the movies that you have already watched, they will send out the next movie(s) in you queue, automatically.

That can ensure that you always have something new to watch and you don’t have to constantly go looking for what movie you want to see.

3. Depending on your local store you may be able to return your dvds and games right at your local store. Again, that can vary so make sure you check in your area.

4. There are 3 different plans available:

1 movie sent out a time with unlimited free exchanges – $9.99 / month.

2 movies sent and free unlimited exchange – $14.99 / month

3 movies sent and free unlimited exchange – $19.99 / month

There are many places you can get dvds and game rentals. With the success of Netflix, many other options have sprung up such as Redbox and Blockbuster by mail.

Now that you have some more information, you can decide whether or not the block buster dvd rental program is the right one for you or not.