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Details of the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase Application

Details of the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase Application

For the student, the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase is an ideal choice. Students that have good or better credit can take advantage of this rewarding credit card. You will benefit from a good amount of spending limits as well as an affordable interest rate. Yet, you also get to take advantage of the reward program offered by this Chase MasterCard.

The Benefits

The Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase provides for the first six months worth of purchases and balance transfers at an introductory rate of 0%. During this time, you will pay nothing for financing. After that time period, the APR on purchases is 17.99% variable. The APR on cash advances is at 23.99%. These are average or better rates offered. One downfall for those that select to carry a balance on their credit card from one month to the next is the method of calculating the finance charges as this credit card offers the two cycles average daily balance for calculation. There is no annual fee either.

As for rewards, you will gain here. You will earn one point per dollar spent using your credit line. In addition, you will earn 2 points per dollar spent on Universal Studios Theme Park ticket purchases. When it comes to redeeming your points, you can use them on a wide range of things from concert and movie tickets, to private movie screenings, home electronics, passes to Universal parks and many more choices. You have five years to use them before they expire but there is no limit to how much you can use. In addition, you will earn a free movie ticket with your first purchase which is valued at 900 points.

The Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard from Chase is a great way to fund those expenses at school and get something that you want back from it. It is an affordable choice and one that will pay off in a way that you feel you can be benefited.

Getting Started With Dish Network Satellite Service Is Easy

Getting Started With Dish Network Satellite Service Is Easy

Signing up for satellite TV service with Dish TV means joining thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the best value, variety of programming, and customer service. To see why Dish Network has so many satisfied customers we need to take a look at all of the great features that come with a subscription to this service.

The programming selection with Dish Network simply can’t be beat. The value oriented DishFamily package has 40 channels including great entertainment from TV Land and Hallmark Movie as well as education from Animal Planet and Discovery Kids. The entry level America’s Top 60 Entertainment Package comes with 60 great channels including Home & Garden TV, the ABC Family Channel, Country Music Television, the Disney Channel, NASA, Nick at Nite, Spike TV, the Weather Channel, and more. America’s Top 120 Entertainment package includes everything from America’s Top 60, but adds 60 more channels including Cartoon Network, BBC America, MSNBC, Univision, WGN, and FX. America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package includes everything from 60 and 120, but brings the total up to 180 channels with Movie Channel Extra, VH1 Classic, National Geographic, SoapNet, Style, Reality TV, The Biography Channel, The Golf Channel, 4 Discovery Channels, 8 Encore movie channels, and more.

If that still doesn’t meet your TV needs you can subscribe to Dish Network’s America’s Everything Pak which is essentially America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package with the addition of 4 movie packages: Cinemax, HBO, Showtime Unlimited, and the Starz Super Pak. The Cinemax Package consists of 5 Star Max, Action Max, Cinemax (east and west), and MoreMAX. HBO has 8 variations including HB0, HB02, HB0 Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and HBO Signature. Showtime Unlimited includes FLIX, The Movie Channel Extra, Show Too, and 6 varieties of Showtime. The Starz Super Pak includes Encore and 7 variations on Starz.

If you want to expand your repertoire of programming beyond those in English, chances are that DishTV has the package for you. A variety of Spanish language packages are available including mixtures channels in Spanish and English. Great Wall TV can bring you programming in Chinese. DishTV Programming is also available in a variety of other languages including Japanese, Polish, Arabic Korean, Armenian, French, German, Hebrew, and others.

Dish TV also provides the technology you need to enjoy all of this great programming. Each Dish Network satellite receiver comes with an Electronic Program Guide which shows you what’s on television up to 9 days in the future (depending on the model). It gives you plot information, rating, and year made. It can also let you set up lists of your favorite channels so you can find what you want to watch fast without going through all of the channels that other people in your household with different tastes also like to watch. The Electronic Program Guide also lets you control what kinds of programming your children have access to with parental control locks that can block out programming based on MPAA rating, individual program, or even entire channel.

Dish Network can also help you build a more extensive home theater system to let you get the most out of your TV experience. Digital Video Recording lets you record all of your favorite programs to watch at your leisure without video tapes and the complicated programming hassles of the now obsolete VCR. DishTV can also provide you with HDTV equipment and programming so you can have the future of television in your home now.

This is the end of your search for the best home entertainment. With great programming choices and the most advanced technology, there’s never been a better time to sign up for Dish TV . Start now!

Borat: Both Sides Of The Debate

Borat: Both Sides Of The Debate

Borat is a movie that has caused a great deal of controversy. The movie is funny, but the jokes make fun of women, Jewish people, and Gays. The controversy has two sides, those who view the movie as entertainment and those who are outraged because they feel this movie gives people of all ages the impression that there is nothing wrong with having fun at the expense of others. They also feel the movie stereotypes women and Jews in a manner that is disrespectful and not true.

One of the reasons Borat has caused such as stir is because the movie is portrayed as a documentary film. Many viewers believed that it was a realistic documentary, giving more fuel to the fire regarding the information contained in it. Another view of this film is that the producer, Sacha Baron Cohen, is brilliant. Maybe the purpose behind the film is to get people to take notice of how ignorant such behaviors truly are in our society. While many feel the jokes in the movie are border line offensive, they do make people stop and take notice. Maybe it will reflect back to their own statements as well as those made by others they converse with.

Whether you make the choice to see the film Borat or not, it is likely you will hear people talking about it. Some will find it fun entertainment while others will take it as offensive material that should not be available to the public. The producer is remaining quiet about the reasons behind such a film, leaving audiences and critics to draw their own conclusions. Cohen is no stranger to developing and marketing films that the general public finds controversial. While some individuals will go see this movie because of the trailers, it is likely many viewers will see it just to find out what all the hype is about.

Movies Delivered To Your Door

Movies Delivered To Your Door

In today’s society, convenience is clearly a driving force for consumers. And now more than ever before, Americans are using the Internet to get what they want, when they want it.

In fact, in 2004 American consumers racked up $117 billion in online spending, with a fair share of that amount spent on entertainment and entertainment news.

One of the latest entertainment options – Blockbuster Online – is a new, easy-to-use online DVD rental service that can bring the movie store right to your door with just a few clicks of a computer mouse. With more than 30,000 titles to choose from, movie lovers can rent all the movies they want, from the hottest new releases to independent, special interest and hard-to-find films.

For less than $15 a month, Blockbuster Online users can rent up to three movies at a time and return them at their convenience with the provided pre-paid postage envelope. After a DVD is returned, the next title from the subscriber’s online movie queue is mailed, and will usually arrive within one to two days.

“By combining the power of the Internet, the magic of the movies and the trusted Blockbuster name, we’re offering the ultimate in home entertainment convenience at an incredible value,” said Shane Evangelist, senior vice president of Blockbuster Inc. and general manager of Blockbuster Online. “And for those times when you can’t wait for a movie to arrive in your mailbox, we offer the flexibility to rent movies and games at our stores.”

The new online DVD rental service is especially convenient for people who live in rural areas, since online access means there’s no need to drive long distances to the rental store. Busy parents and on-the-go professionals – or anyone starved for time – also have easy access to the latest and greatest releases, plus many of the classics.

“We’ve designed a service that really delivers for our subscribers,” said Evangelist. “There are no due dates, no late fees, unlimited DVDs at your disposal, and we’re the only online DVD rental service that gives each subscriber two free in-store rentals each month, good for movies or games.”

It’s no big secret that we all enjoy quality entertainment

It’s no big secret that we all enjoy quality entertainment

Let’s examine the reasons why you’d consider big screen tv entertainment centers for your home. First of all, you probably watch at least one show and/or film on a daily basis. Since you already have this routine, why not make it more enjoyable with a 50 inch plasma? Secondly, and this is a major one; we all need big screen tv entertainment centers in order to achieve the movie theater experience. Come on; you know it would be awesome to attain that movie theater picture and sound in the privacy of your own home. That Friday night movie with the family is so much more fun this way. But that’s not my point. I’m addressing the cost of theater prices. Who in the heck wants to pay them anymore? They just continue to rise. And don’t even get me started on the concessions. So if you can grasp that movie theater experience in the comfort of your living room, you just might dismiss the local theater altogether. Now that’s a major way to save some dough. I know every time I took my wife and daughter to the movies, it would run me 40 bucks or more. That’s crazy!

A good starting point for big screen tv entertainment centers is the web. Store like Best Buy and Circuit City have plenty to offer. Furthermore their deals are especially low these days on big screen tv entertainment centers due to Wal-Mart. Yes, I did say Wal-Mart. Ever since Wal-Mart dropped their electronics prices so low, all competitors have had to take the plunge in order to compete. This is not good for them in any way, but it will benefit you in getting a nice flat panel television with pristine clarity and color.

Making The Right Entertainment Choices

Making The Right Entertainment Choices

America’s children are avid consumers of movies, music and video games. But sometimes their entertainment choices may not be appropriate for them. How is a parent to make sure that the latest hit movie, hot video game or chart-busting album is right for their child?

The Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations (CERTA), an umbrella group for movie theatres, video and video game stores and music retailers, encourages parents to take a few simple steps to ensure that entertainment is appropriate for their family:

• First, look for the advisory. All video games and most motion pictures carry a rating. Complementing the rating is a “content descriptor” that explains why the game or movie got the rating that it did. Music that contains explicit content displays a “parental advisory” sticker on the album cover or an “explicit” warning in the online download catalogue. Use these advisories to make sure the video game, movie or music is appropriate for your child.

• Second, watch movies, listen to music, and play video games with your children. (Sure, it may not always be easy or even welcomed, but it is important to make the effort.) Talk to your children. Make sure they understand what the ratings and labeling are about, and what they can learn from them.

• Third, set appropriate limits. Like any form of entertainment, music, movies and video games should not be permitted to interfere with schoolwork, exercise and other important activities.

• Finally, for those lucky enough to have an Xbox 360 video game console, check out the parental controls. You can set the console so that Mature- and Adult Only-rated video games will not play on the system. (The soon-to-be-released PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution will also contain parental-control mechanisms.)

Entertainment can educate, amuse, inspire and challenge. There are movies, video games and music for every age group and interest, but not every choice is right for every audience. Using these guidelines, parents can make sure that their choices are the right ones for their family.

Use Your Computer For Your Entertainment Needs

Use Your Computer For Your Entertainment Needs

By using your computer today you can find a lot of different music and movie programs. From downloading music and movies directly from the internet to buying subscriptions, joining clubs, and even renting, all from the comfort of your home.
Today is a fast paced world and by having the luxury of not having to fight traffic or stand in lines makes getting your entertainment a lot easier.
Some of the more popular programs available include… file-sharing programs or also called p2p programs have cropped up all over the Internet, are easily accessible and range from being free to about twenty dollars. Also included in this category are companies such as Napster, Realrhapsody, Emusic, Itunes, Musicmatch, and even Wal-Mart, offer music downloads on a pay per song or album basis, ranging from .79 per song to about ten dollars for an album. You are able to burn these songs to a CD.
Music and movie clubs are still a strong player in the entertainment industry. Columbia House and BMG are still the two biggest music clubs today and offer outstanding bargains to join their respective clubs. Columbia House also offers a DVD club, which also includes a very good initial offer to join. Disney movie club has plenty of titles for the youngsters in your life.
If you don’t care to join any music or movie clubs, you can always rent them. Netflix, Wal-Mart and others give you the opportunity to rent your movies or concerts and have them delivered directly to your front door with all postage paid both to and from the company. These plans are about twenty dollars a month and you can rent as many as you want during that time. You can take up to three titles at a time. If you are a movie lover, this is really a good plan and very convenient.
Take advantage of your computer and the ease at which you can obtain your entertainment needs. All these different companies have safe and secure online ordering. Give it a try and have fun.
Let your computer help you with your entertainment needs.

Dvd Rental Vs Movie Theater-Pro And Cons For Both

Dvd Rental Vs Movie Theater-Pro And Cons For Both

I hear commercials all the time trying to tout the advantages of dvd rental vs movie theater. But, to me, there really is no comparison.

As far as I’m concerned there are pros and cons to each form of entertainment, but it is important to take into consideration just what you are trying to accomplish.

I mean when it comes to dvd rental vs movie theater we know it isn’t just about seeing a movie. It’s about an evenings worth of entertainment.

Renting a movie gives you so many more options in the movie(s) you can see. And, you can pick and choose when you watch it and aren’t tied into only watching it when it comes on (though with features like OnDemand and a DVR where you can record a movie and watch it later, this isn’t as big of an issue anymore)

Another great advantage of renting some DVD’s whether you do it online, through the mail or at your local video store, is that you don’t have to leave your home. Some times when it is cold and rainy or you are just tired and want to “veg out” this is the perfect option.

It is also much less expensive to go the rental route for your entertainment. You can reasonably expect to spend only a few dollars to rent a video to watch at home whereas a movie theater will cost $14 at the minimum depending on what part of the country you live in and how much you get from the snack bar.

But, that is only part of the picture. There are some very strong advantages to going out to a theater for your entertainment too. For one thing… you are going out.

It feels more like entertainment and a night out than it would just watching videos at home. Sometimes it is nice to get out of the house and spend time with friends and family in a different environment than just staying home all the time.

It’s much more of a social event that is often combined with other activities like eating out.

Another pro for going to the movie theater is that the theater will almost always have better seating and better sound (unless, of course, you have your own home theater).

Some types of movies just lose something in the translation and aren’t as impressive if they aren’t seen on the big screen with state of the art sound.

Also, in the “pro” column for going to the theater is the fact that if there is that huge summer or holiday movie coming out, who wants to wait 2 or 3 months for it to be released on DVD? Many times you want to see it as close to the day it is released as possible.

Personally, I think that the debate between dvd rental vs movie theater comes down to one main thing: the movie you want to see. If it is a movie that you just can’t wait to see or it would just not be as spectacular on a small screen, head to the theaters. But if it’s a movie you’re not even that sure you want to see, wait for it to come out on DVD.

Hollywood Entertainment Memorabilia

Hollywood Entertainment Memorabilia

There is a big market for Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia. Many collectors focus on collecting original autographs of movie stars, movie producers and the cast members of Broadway plays and musicals. Once a movie star is deceased, the value of their signature on anything is considered to be a highly valued item.

Other Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia items focus on things that are directly connected with a specific movie. Some collectors prefer to collect miles of film that were outtakes of a movie and were never viewed by the general public in a movie theatre. These glimpses to the past are very rare and highly sought after by collectors because they are investments that could reap great rewards if they are released to the Public.

Some Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia items are reprints. The originals were marketed as limited editions and are extremely collectible. The public at large has expressed extreme interest in using these reprints to decorate their homes or create shrines for their favorite actors and actresses. The reprints that are autographed by the individual are also considered to be highly collectible.

Every movie has a music score and some Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia music items are very hard to find. Some movie producers will use a music score only once for the opening night and then assign several versions of the movie score to be played at movie theatres in various parts of the country. The original music score for a Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia item is priceless.

There has been considerable interest in using Hollywood Entertainment Memorabilia as wallpaper for cellular telephones. Fans of Marilyn Monroe or James Dean can now enjoy their idol and carry their image around with them every day when the image is placed on the display area of their mobile phone.

Music scores from movies, comedy routines and television programs have been converted to MP3 files and are used throughout the world on mobile phones. These Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia items have been converted to ringtones. Now callers can be identified by the voice of Frank Sinatra or the sultry voice of Mae West.

Many people prefer to use the old cartoons as background images on their PDAs, mobile phones or laptop computers. The Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia that used to entertain us during intermission can now be found in all sorts of places, including the shirts that we wear and the designs that we place on our pants. Hollywood Entertainment/Memorabilia sales have been brisk and there is still a way to market the oldies and goodies that brought joy to so many lives, so long ago.