Explore the Great Outdoors on Your Vacation in Ruay Island

Ruay’s village is located in the municipality of Alabang. Unlike other areas in the Philippines, Ruay is separated geographically from Cebu City. Despite its isolated location, Ruay has now been integrated into the modern tourism industry in Cebu. The village is home to numerous historic structures and museums that represent the rich heritage of the Filipino people

As one enters Ruay, the first things that will be noticed are the winding narrow lanes and winding alleys. Like a glimpse into their ancient past, Ruay historical records will tell you how they lived, their profession, age, veteran status, and many other interesting facts. ruay Among the most prominent landmarks in Ruay is the Alabang Church. It is one of the major attractions in town and is known for the elaborate frescoes that once adorned the church. Today, it serves as a major tourist attraction.

Two major rivers that flow through Ruay are the Ruay and Tagaytay. These rivers provide the bulk of the local fresh water supply. Water is transported to the different lakes and ponds located in Ruay. A major source of income in Ruay is fishing. Paddle boats and speed boats are some of the commonly used vehicles in fishing. Fresh water, salt water and marine life are all found in abundance in Ruay.

In terms of tourism, there is nothing quite like Ruay hotels and restaurants. You can visit the La Union hotel, which offers a wide range of accommodations. In the northern part of the island, the Lapu-Lapu Hotel offers beautiful beachfront and forest-fringed views. The La Union hotel is conveniently located near the major tourist and business centers of Cebu. In its bid to become a major hub for Cebu tourism, the city has long lined up various hotels and restaurants, both online and offline, to provide comfortable accommodation for tourists.

Aside from the magnificent views, the lovely weather and the fine cuisines served by local food establishments, tourists can also enjoy other exciting activities such as hiking, trekking, rafting and kayaking in the surrounding natural environment. In the North Eastern part of the island, Panglao is very popular among tourists who love nature and the outdoors. You can visit the nature reserve and enjoy trekking or rafting down the natural streams and rivers.

If you want to experience a unique and out-of-the-world trip, you can book your trip to Ruay online. Through online betting, you can choose from among the various packages offered by different tour and travel companies. You can also choose to book your tickets through major tour and travel agencies. You can be assured that your dream vacation will indeed be one to cherish forever – whether you enjoy your beachfront accommodations in Cebu or explore the natural wonders of the island in the company of nature and other tourists.