Ladbrokes Promotions and the Betfair Sports Exchange

In September last year, BK8 launched its new online betting platform and has since become one of the most popular betting exchange platforms around. The company has quickly become established as one of the leading online betting exchange platforms in the UK and Europe. BK8 also offers a variety of other online betting services and sports betting to clients all around the globe, with international markets accounting for a large portion of its business.

In August, it announced a major shirt sponsorship deal with English Premier League team Norwich City. This deal included a number of different activities, including marketing and advertising on the website, as well as naming rights to the venue, among others. At the time of the signing, BK8 CEO James Strong said that the deal would allow Norwich City’s fans to receive a special offers at half-price on selected tickets. bk8 Strong indicated that the move was based on the fact that bk8 services are generally cheaper than those offered by the English Premier League’s top side.

Other companies have made large sponsorship deals with high profile sports clubs in the UK and Europe in recent years. Major league soccer club Chelsea has enjoyed a substantial financial outlay with pharmaceutical giant Sir Elton John reportedly providing the club with a staggering sum of money. BK8 has enjoyed some major sponsorship deals over the last few years, including a reported six figure deal between BK8 and AC Milan in Italy. Other notable European bk8 sponsorship deals include a seven year agreement between betting exchange company Ladbrokes and Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Ladbrokes CEO John Murray said the decision to partner with BK8 was motivated by two things. “The first being the strong and steady growth of BK8’s online operation in the UK and also the ongoing success of the team at the Betfair Sports Exchange.” According to the Independent, Ladbrokes chief executive Nick Cahn “saw potential in a strong sports betting exchange, especially in light of the growing popularity of football matches in the UK.” The betting exchange is a highly popular online betting venue and many bettors use it daily.

The Asian betting company expects its affiliate in the UK to become one of the biggest brands in the UK in the coming years. “We expect the growth of our partnership with BK8 to create significant additional sales opportunities,” Mr. Cahn added. However, Mr. Murray cautions that there is no guarantee the Asian betting giant will achieve its ambitions. “BK8 already has a strong customer base in the UK and plans to continue building on this base in the coming months and years,” he said. “However, we view the UK market as currently being oversaturated with online gambling sites, and therefore we do not see the UK market becoming a large market for BK8.” Mr. Cahn believes that the UK should be an attractive location for BK8, however, as it currently has more online betting sites than any other location in the world.

Ladbrokes and the Betfair Sports Exchange have had a very successful run so far, and their partnership is proving very profitable. However, they are not by any means the only online betting providers available to UK gamblers. Many people enjoy the comfort and convenience of using an internet sportsbook provider that offers them excellent customer service, and the best online betting odds around. Finding the betting odds you like and receiving great service is paramount to enjoying your online gaming experience.