Pros And Cons Of Buying A Big Screen TV

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Big Screen TV

Nowadays, there are many big brands making Big Screen TV’s which are very popular everywhere. Big Screen TV like high-quality 5.1-channel surround sound systems would definitely pull you into the movie action or TV show’s story line just the way big movie theater screens and sound systems do. But at the same time sometimes a too-large TV can really overpower a room. To get the right big-screen TV for your needs, you’ll need to consider screen size, the display technology, your budget, and also the viewing preferences. TV screens are being made much bigger, so that they are similar in shape to movie screens and the picture quality is being improved by technical tricks so that new projection sets will provide superior images even from standard broadcasts and videotapes.

While buying a big screen TV for your home it is important that you choose the screen size according to your room size. Your seating distance will determine your sense of picture clarity and detail as well as the quality of the viewing experience.

Big Screen TV’s are available in both Plasma and LCD. Plasma screens use a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells charged by precise electrical voltages to create a picture. LCD-Liquid Crystal Display screens are in layman’s terms sandwiches made up of liquid crystal pushed in the space between two glass plates. Images are created by varying the amount electrical charge applied to the crystals.

Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses. For home entertainment, plasma TV screens have a slight edge over LCD TV’s that’s because plasma TV screens can display blacks more ac-curately than LCD TV screens thus they give better contrast and detail in dark-colored television or movie scenes. In LCD technology a backlight shines through the LCD layer which makes it harder for it to achieve true blacks because there is always some light leakage from between pixels.

These cool plasma and LCD flat panels which are only a few inches thick are alluring, but budget, screen size, and your need for optimal HDTV clarity are big factors you must consider. You may have to pay as high as $8,000 USD in order to get full HDTV resolution on a plasma panel which would mean getting a 50-inch diagonal screen but if you are willing to compromise with the flat panel and accept a more conventional box you can get full HDTV resolution for a fraction of that amount. However if you still like the flat panel and can do with a good but not true HD picture quality, you can save a lot of money on a smaller LCD or plasma display.

So, folks set your budget, decide on what you want and get the perfect Big Screen TV for your home. Invite your friends and enjoy the next game with loud cheers and drinks!!!