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Online DVD Movie Clubs! Where Entertainment And Convenience Come Together

Online DVD Movie Clubs! Where Entertainment And Convenience Come Together

Like one big happy family, online DVD Movie Clubs have become a popular choice among families and individuals that are searching for movie rentals with the online services and convenience! Not only do they offer convenient special features, but also their value and additional benefits are far more valuable over renting at your local movie store!

For many of you that still rent at local video stores, it may be a little transition for you to join a DVD Club, and it will take a bit of getting used to having your movie and games arrive via your mail box several days later after your initial order. However, once your movies and game choices arrive, there will be an excitement that will come over you because most, if not all, people love to receive packages in their mail.

It’s fun, and all your title choices and top releases you picked online will be ready to watch and enjoy when they arrive at your door. The best thing about being part of a movie rental club is that you don’t have to worry about sending them back right away, and you’ll never experience late fees again!

I know it’s spring, and soon it will be summer, but winter is never too far away, and when the downpour of rain or the blizzards of snow arrive, and it becomes really cold and dark out, you will truly be relieved knowing you don’t have to jump in a cold car, and drive all the way to your video store to return your videos, especially the ones you haven’t finished watching yet.

What Are The Benefits Of Renting Movies and Video Games Online?

For many years we had only one choice, and that was to rent from the local Blockbuster, or the independent store that smelled like mothballs and old attics. If you didn’t live close to the bigger rental stores, you were limited to what they had available when you finally arrived.

With unlimited rentals online available through your choice of club store, you can easily have access to thousands of releases, downloads, and DVD reviews that will help you decide on whether the movie you want to rent is going to be the one you really desire to watch. Nothing is more annoying than getting a movie or game home to find out it was truly a complete flop!

There are many times your movie club will offer you periodic club offers and specials, and how often do you get that from your local rental store? If they happen to offer you any deal, it’s because they know they’re about to lose you to the online competitors.

When you do the actual comparison of online rental clubs versus your local video outlets, the smart choice is taking advantage of the online rental services the movie entertainment stores provide. Online renting is growing dramatically, and more people are experiencing the value and the overall convenience they offer.

You can still support your local movie store for quick last minute movie decisions, but when it comes to getting exactly what you want in title selections, and the fact that you don’t have to ever worry about sending them back late with a penalty, those are features that are going to please many video enthusiasts for many years to come!

Home theater, experience the entertainment of movie theaters right in your own living room

Home theater, experience the entertainment of movie theaters right in your own living room

The cinema is a good place to watch movies and relax. This is because you watch the movie in a wide screen with sound that can make you easily get lost in the movie scene. The picture and the sound is the most entertaining part of the cinema experience. However, if you can bring this technology home and with lesser expense, this is definitely something you will enjoy. This is the concept only a few American homes acquire in the past years. Lately late, however, a good number of American homes are starting to be less interested in going out of their abode to watch movies. This is due to the evolution of home theater system.

A simple home theater is easy to set up. All you need is a television set that measure bigger than 27 inches, a DVD player and three speakers. These are the basic components of a home theater. This may already give you the home entertainment you can enjoy with the almost theatrical experience. Why do I say almost, when I am sure you want the perfect feeling of a movie theater. This is because there are other equipments you might add to complete the home theater experience that will ensure a cinematic experience right in your own living room. As mentioned already, you may still enhance the three basic components by adding home entertainment furniture; however, everything is dependent on the budget you set for your home theater. The size of the room is another consideration of the complete package of your home theater.

A neat advice however by home theater experts is that you need to find a good size television set for you home theater set up. A good size does not mean the biggest you can find in the store. A good size television is dependent on the place in your house where you will set up the home theater. Big is not always good for you home entertainment system. It is a recommendation, however, that the television set should not be smaller than 27 inches. This is because the projection on a smaller television might be too inferior for your home theater.

Another recommendation is for you to find speakers that will give you the surround sound from high quality brand of speakers. In addition, you need to be sure that if you do not find the speaker that gives you enough surround sound, you need to be able to return it. There are speakers that sound good in the store but when you put it in a room, it may not sound well enough that will satisfy your requirement. If the store allows replacement, then that is a good deal. In addition, you may need to choose a good quality DVD player. It is however a belief by home theater experts that all DVD players deliver clear and crisp images, although there are those that promise a flicker-free picture, almost all DVD players provide this feature.

Knowing how big the room where you will set up your home theater will be the basis of how big the television needs to be. The size of the room is another consideration for the number of speakers. If the room is somewhat big, you may need more than the basic three speakers. Adding a subwoofer may also do good to achieve the best surround sound if your home theater is place on a huge room.

All these will give you the best home theater experience only a few in the earlier year’s experience. A home theater designer may be of big help in ensuring you will have the best home theater set up that will give you the best possible movie experience right in your own living room.

Buying DVD: Is it worth it?

Buying DVD: Is it worth it?

There are a lot of good audio/video players available especially for movie enthusiast but is “good” enough? Guess not. Video and audio performance in all modern DVD players is excellent. Personal preferences, your budget, and your existing home theater setup all play a large role in determining which player is best for you. The budget and quality should be taken into consideration before buying the product by most consumers.

When we talk about quality, DVD is the new generation of optical technology. DVD is essentially a much bigger and faster CD that can hold cinema-like videos, better-than-CD audio, still photos, and computer data. DVD aims to bring home entertainment, computers, and business information with a single digital format. DVD has the capability to produce near-studio-quality video and better-than-CD-quality audio. DVD is vastly superior to consumer videotape and generally better than laserdiscs.

Most players support a standard set of features such as Language choice (for automatic selection of video scenes, audio tracks, subtitle tracks, and menus). Special effects playback: freeze, step, slow, fast, and scan. Parental lock (for denying playback of discs or scenes with objectionable material). Programmability (playback of selected sections in a desired sequence). Random play and repeat play. Digital audio output. Recognition and output of DTS Digital Surround audio tracks. Playback of audio CDs. Instant search to title, chapter, music track, and timecode. Durable (no wear from playing, only from physical damage). Compact size (easy to handle, store, and ship; players can be portable; replication is cheaper than tapes or laserdiscs).

The primary advantages of DVD are video quality, surround sound, and extra features. In addition, DVD will not degrade with age by overplaying it like a videotape hence it will allow you save lots of money and be able to collect your favorite movie and televisions shows for years and still be able to play it over and over again.

Most movie experts choose DVD as their preference for movie entertainment because of high quality resolution and excellent audio performance giving an excellent movie experience in their homes! Try it and see it for yourself and you’ll learn than every penny spent is worth it!

Free Entertainment Is Easy To Find

Free Entertainment Is Easy To Find

There are many forms of entertainment available when you want to spend a night on the town. Dinner and a movie is always a popular choice. Live theatre is fun and exciting, as you don’t know what is going to happen. Karaoke and piano bars are becoming more popular as well, as you can laugh and relax to some good music (or not so good singing!) in a casual atmosphere. However, all these forms of entertainment can be rather pricey! Movie tickets are getting higher and higher, and nicer restaurants charge a lot for their quality and service. Live entertainment like plays and musicals can be extremely expensive, and plans may need to be made well in advance or you won’t get in! And bars…well, face it…you will be dealing with others’ loud conversations, second hand smoke, and high liquor

If all you’re looking for is a relaxing evening to ease your stress, why not look for some free entertainment for you and your family. Not only will you have fun, but you will save money in the process!

Below are some common choices in free entertainment:

1. Movies, music, books and programs at your local public library! Libraries are wonderful places to entertain adults and children alike. Many public libraries offer free storytimes for your children. Not only will they have free entertainment, but they will learn important skills and see that reading is fun! For the adults, most public libraries now offer a wide selection of DVDs, videos, music CDs, books on tape and CDs, and, of course, lots and lots of books! The nice thing about the movies you find at the library are they don’t cost you anything (unless you return them late)! Adult programming is becoming more popular in most larger library systems, as well. Classes on arts and crafts, computers, world events and locations and book discussions are a great form of entertainment.

2. Local parks are a nice way to spend an afternoon or evening. Take a picnic lunch or dinner and relax in the fresh air. Most parks have lovely playgrounds for your kids to explore and enjoy. There are even some local parks that have outdoor games adults and children can play together.

3. Annual or Semi-Annual Art Shows make for an exciting outing. You will get to see the best of local artists, while also enjoying the fresh air and festive atmosphere. The kids will love the art shows because many have clowns wandering around making balloon animals and doing face painting.

Although this is a relatively short list, you can inevitable find great entertainment for free in your area. All you have to do is look for it.

Cruisers Rave About Princess Cruise Line’s Outdoor Movies

Cruisers Rave About Princess Cruise Line’s Outdoor Movies

Cruise lines are constantly geared toward providing a steady flow of shipboard entertainment for cruisers to enjoy. They want your time at sea to be just as exciting as the ports of call you’ll visit during your itinerary. While the standards (such as onboard casinos, Broadway-style shows and nightclubs) continue to have appeal, cruise lines are getting more and more innovative with their ideas. It was this type of what-would-the-passenger-want thinking that drove Princess Cruise Line to add “Movies Under the Stars.”

Unlike anything found aboard other cruise vessels, “Movies Under the Stars” is an impressive outdoor movie theater that Princess officials describe as a “Times Square-style, LED (light emitting diode) screen.” This is no ordinary TV, however.

With a monstrous 300-square-foot screen, featuring a 69,000-watt sound system, the “Movies Under the Stars” system is well equipped with enough lighting power to be seen clearly day or night.

Princess Cruise Line didn’t stop there. Strategically placed, this million-dollar entertainment system is located above the pool area for optimal viewing comparable to traditional movie theaters. Have you ever watched your favorite movie while floating in a pool or sunbathing? Now you can!

To make the experience fit the Princess Cruise Line style, ship officials decided to go overboard (so to speak). Passengers can make complimentary chaise lounge reservations for available features. At evening viewings, comfortable cushions and blankets are placed on the lounge chairs. Additionally, cocktail specials are available as well as free popcorn and other movie munchies. Would you rather do dinner theater? Poolside casual dining is also available.

With up to seven features playing throughout the day and evening, every member of your party will find something s/he enjoys. What’s in the lineup? Many family films including Spider Man 2 and Shrek 2. Concerts, sporting events – including NFL Monday Night Football – awards shows and other broadcast entertainment as well. One of the most popular events is Oscar® Under the Stars with the broadcast of the Academy Awards and a party.

“Movies Under the Stars” has been such a hit that Princess Cruise Line has retrofitted all its Grand Class ships with the giant screens.

“Movies Under the Stars” follows in the tradition of such other Princess Cruise Line innovations as Personal Choice Dining ®, the Cruise Personalizer® and the More Balconies® concept to make your shipboard experience all it can be.

Entertainment Industry Jobs – A Guided Tour Before Jumping In

Entertainment Industry Jobs – A Guided Tour Before Jumping In

There are entertainment industry jobs available for just about anyone who wants to be an extra in a movie. Extras are always needed for every kind of films, and a specific look is not always required. Producers will be interested in all types of people, and though most of these entertainment industry jobs do not have speaking parts, they do give people without necessarily any type of acting ability a chance to participate.

When were young and full of ideals, we consider only the cream in the world of entertainment industry jobs and, if we feel entertainment is our calling, aim for acting, directing, or maybe writing roles. But there are also thousands of other equally important positions available, from the grips to the CGI assistants to the editors, of both the writing and the film. And this is just for the movie industry. What about those reality shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race? Take just the singers alone, how many different styles and types of entertainment industry jobs are there? There are the cruise ship singers, the piano lounge singers, the so-accused Chippendale and Karaoke performers and many more. Put another way, not every one is cut out to be a rock star or a pop icon. And again, that reference is to just one show, one niche in the industry, one genre, one example of millions possible.

That’s just television alone. Theres also film, music, theatre, etc. Then think about the entertainment industry jobs within subordinate yet collaborative niches: take for instance, what besides Survivor or any other hot shows, is one of the biggest selling events on Television? Football! Cheerleaders, Announcers. This makes us think of newscasters, maybe camera men, then what about those special effects professionals. Come up with your own associations list. While you are doing that, remember the execs, the emcees, the paper-pushers, the makeup artists, the go-cart mechanics and caterers, etc. I will round up a couple more sources for entertainment industry jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics features entertainment industry jobs, and discusses and describes the job duties, the trends, the requirements, and much more for thousands of jobs. (Their site, bls.gov, reminds me of other entertainment industry jobs, like amusement park attendants and entertainers, hotel work, museum work, etc. etc.!)

Go through the entertainment industry jobs boards as well. Many have a database of information and resources to help you define, determine, and decide what to go for. Some will require a couple of dollars, while others may offer a free trial period.

While you’re at it, check up the union – the union websites like screenwriters guilds, etcl. You will certainly end up finding a huge or tiny but imperative position!

Satellite TV Programming Guide

Satellite TV Programming Guide

With more than 256 channels to choose from, satellite TV programming offers far more TV listings and viewing options than cable or over-the-air TV.
Satellite TV also gives you access to music channels, pay-per-view movies, sports packages, adult channels, and international programming.
DISH Network Satellite TV Programming
DISH Network programming packages start at $31.99 per month.
They also offer pay-per-view movies and events, adult programming, and sports packages. International programming includes: African, Arabic, Armenian, Asian, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Urdu channels.
DISH Network has the biggest variety of movies and shows and the most HD (high definition) programming of the two satellite TV providers.
Here are DISH Network’s current satellite TV programming packages:
America’s Top 60 ($31.99 per month)
This package includes the following program channels, plus your local channels:
ABC Family, America’s Collectibles Network, Angel One, Arts & Entertainment (A&E), Auction TV, Beauty & Fashion Channel, Bingo TV, BYUTV, Cable News Network (CNN), Cartoon Network, Catalog TV, Classic Arts Showcase, CNBC, Colours TV, Comedy Central, Country Music Television, Court TV, C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, Daystar, Discovery Channel, The Disney Channel (East), Disney Channel (West), E! Entertainment Television, Educating Everyone, ESPN, ESPN Alternate, ESPN2, ESPN2 Alternate, ESPNews, Eternal Word Television Network Family Net, Florida Education Channel, Food Network, Free Speech TV, Good Samaritan Network, Headline News Network, Health TV, Healthy Living Channel, The History Channel, HITN, Home & Garden Television, The Home Shopping Network, Horseracing TV, ISHOP, The Jewelry Channel, The Learning Channel, Lifetime, Men’s Channel, Music Television (MTV), Music Television 2 (MTV2), NASA, Nickelodeon/Nick At Nite (East), Nickelodeon/Nick At Nite (West), Northern Arizona University/University House, PBS You, QVC Shopping Network, Research Channel, RFDTV, The Sci-Fi Channel, Shop At Home, Shop NBC, Spike TV, Stuff TV, The Travel Channel, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Turner Broadcast System (TBS), Turner Network Television (TNT), TV Games Network, TV Guide Channel, TV Land, TV Outlet Mall University Of California, University Of Washington, USA Network, VH1 The Weather Channel, Worldlink TV.
America’s Top 120 ($42.99 per month)
This package includes all of the channels in the America’s Top 60 package, plus the following program channels and 32 Sirius music channels:
American Movie Classics, Animal Planet, BBC America, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Bravo, CNN Financial/CNN International, Comcast Sports Network, Discovery Health, Empire Sports, ESPN Classic, F/X, FOX News Channel, FOX Sports, FOX Sports West 2, Fuse, Galavison, Game Show Network, Independent Film Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, Madison Square Garden, MSNBC, New England Sports Network (NESN), Noggin, Pax TV, SiTV, The Speed Channel,, Sports Alternate 1, Sports Alternate 2, Sports Alternate 3, Sports Alternate 4, Sports Alternate 5, Sunshine Network, G4 Tech TV, Telefutura East, Telefutura West, Toon Disney, Turner Classic Movies, Turner South, Univision East, Univision West, WE: Women’s Entertainment, WGN Superstation.
America’s Top 180 ($52.99 per month)
This package includes all the channels in the America’s Top 120 package, plus the following program channels and 50 Sirius music channels:
Biography, Bloomberg Television, Boomerang, CNBC World, Discovery, Home & Leisure, Discovery Kids, Discovery Times Channel, Discovery Wings, Dish Music- 50’s & 60’s Hits, Dish Music- 70’s Hits, Dish Music- 80’s Hits, Dish Music- All That Jazz, Dish Music- Beach Party, Dish Music- Classic Soul, Dish Music- Country Music One, Dish Music- 4 Decades of Music, Dish Music- Expressions, Dish Music- Hitline, Dish Music- Hot FM, Dish Music- Italia, Dish Music- Love Songs, Dish Music- Moonscapes, Dish Music- New Orleans Jazz, Dish Music- Piano & Guitar, Dish Music- Road House, Dish Music- Tropical Breezes, Dish Music- Urban Adult, Do It Yourself Network, Encore (West), Encore, Action/Adventure, Encore Love Stories, Encore Mysteries, Encore True Stories, Encore Wam/America’s Kidz Network, Encore Westerns, FOX Movie Channel, FOX Sports, Net World, The Golf Channel, GOL TV, Great American Country, Hallmark Channel, History Channel International, The Movie Channel (West), National Geographic Channel, Nickelodeon Games & Sports, Nick toons, The Outdoor Channel, Outdoor Life Network, Reality TV, SoapNet, Style, The Science Channel, TMC Xtra West, VH1 Classic, Wisdom Television.
America’s Everything Pak ($86.99)
This package includes all the channels in the America’s Top 180 package, plus the following (31 movie channels in all):
Showtime Unlimited Package, Starz! Super Pak, HBO Package, Cinemax Package.
Note: For more programming information, ordering information, and the latest bonuses and free offers from DISH Network, click on the links below.
DIRECTV Satellite TV Programming
DIRECTV satellite TV programming starts at $41.99 per month.
They also offer pay-per-view movies and events, adult programming, and sports packages. International programming includes Chinese, Filipino, Italian, South Asian, Spanish, and Vietnamese channels.
DIRECTV has the most sports program packages of the two satellite TV providers, including the popular NFL Sunday Ticket.
Here are DIRECTV’s current satellite TV programming packages:
Total Choice ($41.99 per month)
This package includes the following program channels, plus your local channels and 31 music channels):
A&E Network, ABC Family, America’s Store, American Movie Classics (AMC), Animal Planet, BBC America, Black Entertainment Television(BET), Bloomberg Television, Bravo, C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, Cartoon Network, The Church Channel, CNBC, CNBC World, CNN, CNNfn/CNN International, Comedy Central, Country Music Television (CMT), Court TV, Daystar, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Disney Channel (East), Disney Channel (West), E! Entertainment Television, ESPN, ESPN CLASSIC, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, EWTN, Fine Living, Food Network, Fox Movie Channel, Fox News Channel, Fuse, FX, Galavisión, Game Show Network, Hallmark Channel, Headline News, The Health Network, The History Channel, Home & Garden Television, Home Shopping Network, Independent Film Channel, Inspirational Life, The Learning Channel (TLC), Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, Link TV, MARIA+VISIÓN, MSNBC, MTV, MTV2, National Geographic Channel, Newsworld International, NFL Network, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East), Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West), Noggin/The N, Outdoor Life Network (OLN), Oxygen, PAX, PBS You, QVC, RFD TV, SCI FI Channel, Shop At Home, ShopNBC, Speed Channel, Spike TV, Superstation WGN, TBS Superstation, TechTV, TNT, Toon Disney, TRAVEL CHANNEL, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), TRIO, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), Turner South, TV Land, Univision (East), USA Network, VH1, WE: Women’s Entertainment, The Weather Channel, Word Network, World Harvest Television.
Total Choice Plus ($45.99 per month)
This package includes all the Total Choice programs, plus the following channels:
The Biography Channel, Boomerang, Discovery Home & Leisure, Discovery Kids, Discovery Times Channel, Discovery Wings, DIY – Do It Yourself Network, Fuel, History International, PBS KIDS, The Science Channel, SOAPNet.
Total Choice Premier ($93.99 per month)
This package includes all the channels in the Total Choice Plus package, plus the following program channels:
Action, BLACK STARZ!, Cinemax (East), Cinemax (West), Comcast SportsNet (Mid-Atlantic), CSTV: College Sports Television, Empire Sports Network, Encore® (West), Encore® (East), FLIX, Fox Sports World, The Golf Channel, HBO, HBO (West), HBO Family, HBO Family (West), HBO HDTV, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, HBO2, HBO2 (West), Love Stories, Madison Square Garden (MSG), MoreMAX, The Movie Channel, The Movie Channel West, Mystery, NBA TV, New England Sports Network, The Outdoor Channel, SHOWTIME East, SHOWTIME Extreme, SHOWTIME HDTV, SHOWTIME Showcase, SHOWTIME TOO, SHOWTIME West, STARZ! (East), STARZ! (West), STARZ! Theater (East), Sundance Channel, Sunshine Network, True Stories, VH1 Classic, WAM!, Westerns, YES Network.
Note: For more programming information, ordering information, and the latest bonuses and free offers from DIRECTV, click on the links below.

HD Brings Theater-Quality Viewing To Living Rooms

HD Brings Theater-Quality Viewing To Living Rooms

Most consumers are quick to upgrade to the latest computers, cell phones and music players as technology gets more sophisticated-but when it comes to televisions and DVD players, many viewers are still stuck in the last century.

“The analog TV system we have in the U.S. is more than 50 years old,” explains Andy Parsons, spokesman for the Blu-ray Disc Association, which is working to bring high-definition home entertainment into the mainstream. “In the next year or two, people are going to see some exciting products that will make living rooms feel like movie theaters.”

What’s driving this change? In a word, content. TV broadcasters are offering more high-definition programming via satellite and cable. And, movie studios are preparing to release their movies on high-capacity discs, such as Blu-ray discs, making it possible to buy, rent and view Hollywood favorites in high-definition. People who get to see a true HDTV setup showing the latest Hollywood blockbuster at their local electronics stores can see the difference in quality immediately.

“HDTV will catch on when people see that they can buy movies and games in the new format,” says Parsons. Movie discs using the Blu-ray format are expected to appear in stores beginning in June. Shoppers can expect to find favorite titles such as “Crash” and the “Terminator” series available, with more and more high-definition discs coming to stores throughout the summer.

The improvement in quality, Parsons says, is comparable to what viewers noticed when they switched from VHS tapes to DVDs. “When you watch a video tape today, you really notice how poor the picture is compared to your DVDs-and you don’t have the menus and all of the added features that you do with DVDs,” he explains. “The shift to HDTV and high-definition discs will be just as dramatic.”

Shoppers can expect to see discs and players with competing formats, Parsons says, and they’ll need to consider what they’re getting for their money. For instance, he explains, they should ask questions about the breadth of games, movies and other products available, so they don’t get stuck with a format with no future. Blu-ray Disc, for example, is partnering with major movie studios, music publishers and game developers, and plans to deliver the industry’s broadest range of home entertainment content. In addition, the players will play all of your existing standard-definition DVDs.

Today, it might be hard to imagine what impact the new high-definition discs and TVs will have on our home entertainment viewing. However, Parsons says, “In a few years it will be hard to remember that we once thought DVDs were the coolest movie format around.”

Watch Your Own Psp Movies

Watch Your Own Psp Movies

PSP (PlayStation Portable) was released by Sony Computer Entertainment into the U.S. markets in 2005 as a full-service, handheld entertainment system capable of delivering most every media source in a single tiny portable device. Since that time Sony has recorded sales in excess of 31 million units worldwide. Technology in the entertainment field has grown exponentially in the past two decades.

Movies are made of higher digital quality, video games are of absolute higher quality, and music is received and shared much easier with the advent of higher technology, including the Internet. Now all this is available in the palm of your hand. PSP movies, music, photos, Internet access, other video sources, and games are all compatible with the PSP system. A memory stick accessory will help to facilitate or enhance many of these features available to users.

The PSP system is constructed with a standard widescreen high resolution LCD display and stereo speakers to enjoy these many forms of media. One of the greatest sources of media to enjoy on the go is PSP movies. These can be watched by either saving the movie to the memory stick from the Internet to play through the PSP, downloading through the wireless Internet connectivity option directly into the PSP, or through a pre-recorded UMD (Universal Media Disk) movie similar to a DVD. This allows users to watch movies on their handheld device 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and anywhere they may be.

Downloading through the PSP website is extremely simple and takes only a few clicks. Many free downloads are available from the website for viewing as well, which include game demos, game trailers, and movie trailers. UMD movies are available at most stores carrying electronics. Over 430 UMD titles are in current circulation, consisting of movies and television shows. Titles available include new movies, classics, and recent television hits. Some of the titles available in UMD are Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Ice Age 2, Gridiron Gang, Open Season, The Marine, Scarface, and the Family Guy to name only a few.

To enjoy the PSP movies available, many accessories would be helpful. Headphones allow users to listen to the movie comfortably while not disturbing others while in public spaces. A remote control comes with headphones for added control of the movie experience. Car adapters and AC adapters allow for unlimited viewing without the concern of the battery running out of charge during the movie.

With hundreds of PSP movies and television shows available for download and for purchase as a UMD, this is truly a major highlight of the PSP system. The ability to watch movies on the same system you can also manage photos with, play high resolution games with, and listen to music with all from your hands is astounding. Coupled with Sony’s constant upgrading of the PSP system, software and accessories, the titles will continue to grow as will the features and benefits of the PSP. And the popularity of the PSP will grow as quickly.

How To See The Future… In 3D

How To See The Future… In 3D


How are movie theaters going to compete with DVDs, cable’s On-Demand options, and on-line sites offering movies as they are released? I will give you two characters: 3D. The wall of 3D capabilities is crashing down as new technologies are expanding the entertainment possibilities and excitement levels everywhere.

Future uses of 3D

By 2009, a surge of movies are to be released showcasing what 3D is able to do. Nearly every large movie studio and many smaller studios have at least one or two 3D movies in the works. More theaters are looking to convert their venues allowing the 3D innovations to be capitalized upon.

Existing 3D technology

Alluring, crystal-clear 3D images are already the main attractions at diverse venues. Southern California’s Aquarium of the Pacific is enjoying the technology of 3D. All audiences love 3D, regardless if the reason for their attendance is educational or entertainment.

Innovative companies have teamed up to create breakthrough technology to be used everywhere for multiple purposes. They are making 3D a great presence in museums, zoos, aquariums, theme parks, and other cinematic attractions.


There are many great advantages to 3D digital technology:

-Steady, crystal-clear images
-Non-degrading over time
-No film prints to rewind, maintain, and replace
-Maximum flexibility for theater use, preshow, and exhibit areas
-Hands free operation
-Cost effective and space efficient


DVDs, cable access, downloads, and other venues for watching movies is inspiring the movie industry to higher the bar on providing better entertainment. The answer will culminate in 3D technology.

3D technology has come a long way since its inception. The future of 3D will WOW viewers with its capabilities.

Technology is granting us the capabilities of being more entertained and bettering our ambiances. Insightful innovators are working diligently to break ceilings and raise the bar on what is possible.

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